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What is Coaching


The difference between coaching and Instruction is that coaching is more about LEARNING than TEACHING. Mainly through ASKING rather than TELLING.  Its also about learning through experience and reflection.  Coaching techniques allow learners to think for themselves and produce safer drivers after the test.

Coaching is "Unlocking a persons potential to maximise their performance. Helping them to learn rather than teaching them" - Sir John Whitmore 2003.

Coaching is not a new way to teach, it has been around for many years. However it is reatively new to the driver training industry. The Driving Standards Authority has endorsed this learning method.and many Instructors new and old are beginning to use these techniques. 

Coaching is about
•  Raising self-awareness and self-responsibility
•  Confidence building
•  An equal partnership between the learner and Coach
•  Building on prior knowledge and experience
•  Asking the right questions rather than giving answers

Coaching is NOT
•  About giving the answers
•  About the Coach being the expert
•  Judgemental
•  Finding faults with your driving
•  Always knowing the answers

How will coaching help me
•  More self confidence for learner
•  A greater sense of achiement
•  Less stress for coach and learner as it takes away conflict between learner and Instructor
•  More enjoyable lessons
•  Increased self-reflection and self-awareness for coachee and Coach

What do the Driving Standards Authority think of Coaching
The DSA acknowledge Coaching or Pupil centred learning as a useful tool for the driver training Industry.

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