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Driving Lessons and Courses

How much do lessons cost?

No two students are alike in their ability to learn. It is therefore impossible to say how much it will cost to pass a driving test and be a safe driver for life. All learner driving courses are tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

However the following is a guide to my prices:

Learner Lessons

•  Lessons are usually 90 minutes long at £30.00 hour.  
•  Students can receive a free lesson for each friend they refer 
   (providing the refered student completes at least 5 lessons).
•  As a student of Adrian Hand Driver Training you are entitled to free use of a Theory Test learning web site.
   The site gives you full access to their learning programme and allows me to see how you are progressing, so that  
  I can make sure you are ready for the Theory Test.

Pass Plus

Pass plus is a Driving Standards Agency Course of six 1 hour modules aimed at helping newly-qualified drivers become better drivers. Some motor insurers will give discounts to people who undertake this course. Passing the Standard Driving Test is just the beginning of someone's driving life. I would strongly recommend students enrol on this course to help them become even safer drivers.

The Modules are:
•  In town
•  All-weather
•  Rural roads
•  Night driving
•  Dual carriageways
•  Motorways

Go to for more information.

Course cost is £190.00

Motorway Driving

After passing the driving test, it is highly recommended that students undertake a 2 hour Motorway Course. To pass a Driving Test, you will need to drive on a dual carriageway. This is covered in Learner Driving Lessons and the Driving Test. Motorway driving requires different skills and can be a daunting prospect to many people.

This course is not just aimed at newly-qualified drivers. Some experienced drivers have never used a Motorway or become anxious and nervous at the thought of it. If this is you, then sessions can be undertaken in a non-liveried car.

Course cost:  £35.00 an hour

Advanced Driving

As the holder of an Advanced Driving Certificate, I am able to help students reach the next level of driving. If you wish to improve the standard of your driving and feel more confident, then this is the course for you.

Course price: £35.00 an hour- but can be negotiated depending on your needs.

Refresher Courses and Driving Assessments

If you are feeling a 'little rusty around the edges' and need a little expert advice then why not sign up for a refresher course? 

These courses are not about finding faults with your driving. They are about finding safer and better ways of doing what you already do. The fact that you are considering such a course, suggests you have already made a conscious decision about improving your driving and that you feel that you may benefit from some friendly help and advice.

Alternatively, you may have a friend or relative who you consider to be at an age or level of health where they may appear to be struggling with our current road system. Why not allow an independent and qualified person to assess  their driving ability in a safe and confidential manner.

Refresher courses:  £35.00 an hour
Assessments are fixed @  £35.00

Test Costs with the DSA


Learner Theory Test:  £23.00
Learner Practical Car Test weekdays:  £62.00
Learner Practical Car Test evenings or Saturdays:  £75.00
Practical Extended Tests:  £124.00

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